Start-up Pugu was brought to life by social welfare professionals who were in dire need of an infotechnological tool.
This tool is now known as Pugu.

Pugu provides a web-based software for enterprises whose line of business is in the social welfare sector. Pugu helps counselling businesses manage their clientele, cases, and work flow; oversee incoming and outgoing finances, comprise and issue case reports, invoices, and other documents deemed necessary by the relevant state divisions.

Each enterprise gets their own installation of Pugu, after which they can provide access to their employees based on national identification numbers. Specialists can log onto the encrypted server with their ID-cards, thus helping ensure all access to and communication with the encrypted Pugu installation is purely on a need-to-know basis. All access to any kind of sensitive client information is constantly logged down with the users authenticated via their national ID tokens.

Pugu is designed with Estonia’s social welfare regulations and legislation in mind.

Currently our main client base consists of private counselling centres providing public social services - relevant state divisions get invoiced for the services provided - aimed to support persons with any kind of restrictions arising from their physical or mental health or special needs. At the moment Pugu supports the provision of social rehabilitation, work rehabilitation, special welfare, and victim support services, as well as privately funded counselling.

Future endeavours will take Pugu more deeply into the field of outpatient care - both for medical and social public welfare services. Our extremely close cooperation with our current and potential clients with their invaluable input on the development of the relevant fields in both private and state level has given and will continue to help us and Pugu improve further.

For more information contact us on or by phone +372 588 66 276.